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Amir Khan
BYS Amir Khan
Gender Male
Birthday September 1
Nickname(s) "Sticks"
Game(s) Backyard Baseball
Backyard Baseball 2003
Backyard Football
Backyard Hockey
Backyard Skateboarding
Backyard Soccer

Amir Khan is a reoccurring playable character in the Backyard Sports series. His brother Achmed is also a playable character.

Player CardsEdit

Backyard SoccerEdit

Alone, Amir is a pretty decent player. Put him on a team with his brother Achmed, and he's a little powder keg."

Skill Ratings

Kicking BYS Skill IconBYS Skill IconBYS Skill IconBYS Skill Icon Blank
Control BYS Skill IconBYS Skill Icon
Defense BYS Skill IconBYS Skill IconBYS Skill Icon
Running BYS Skill IconBYS Skill Icon


Backyard SoccerEdit

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