Andrew Glimmer
Race Stapler
Gender Male
Occupation Supply Clerk
Voice actor(s) Mike Shapiro
Game(s) Junior Adventure Games
Pajama Sam 2: Thunder and Lightning Aren't So Frightening

"Who sent you? I'm working very hard! You'd be amazed what a difficult job it is being in charge of-of-of-of-of a-all-all the supplies!"

Andrew Glimmer is a talking stapler. He has a habit of letting off staples when he's scared or nervous. He thinks Sam was sent to spy on him, and Sam clears up by telling him he just visited. and gets scared. He is paranoid because he believes that George Someone sends spies to make him look bad so he'll get his promotion. He takes his job very seriously, as he won't let anyone take office supplies from him without seeing a form request.

Items of Special InterestEdit

When the following items are clicked on, Andrew explains if they can or cannot be taken and why.

Items which cannot be taken:

  • Highlighter Pen: on double secret reserve
  • Red Ballpoint Pen: for emergencies only
  • No. 2 Pencil: Andrew needs to keep them in case he has to take a test
  • Paper Clip: "somebody" might need them
  • Piece Of Paper: they are going to be recycled
  • Staple: Andrew doesn't even have enough for himself
  • Typewriter Ribbon: nobody uses typewriters anymore

Items which can be taken:

  • Rubber Band: if the visitor has a P76/Z form, a paper request for super stretchable items. It needs to get signed by the VP in charge of paper clips and rubber bands.
  • Employee-Of-The-Month Award: Andrew needs to get rid of them before anyone notices. Any amount can be taken.

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