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Backyard Sports: Rookie Rush
Rookie Rush Wii Box
Developer(s) Humongous, Inc.
Powerhead Games (DS)[1]
HB Studios (PC, Wii, Xbox 360)[2]
Publisher(s) Atari
Release Date(s) October 20, 2010[3][4]
Genre(s) Sports
Platform(s) Windows, DS, Wii
Xbox 360

Backyard Sports: Rookie Rush is a sports game developed by Humongous, Inc. and published by Atari in 2010. The game was released on on October 10 for Windows, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, and the Xbox 360. The DS version was co-developed by Powerhead Games. The other versions were codeveloped by HB Studios.

Rookie Rush features eleven different players, twelve original playing fields and nine unique power-ups.


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Name Speed Power Tackling Throwing
Ace Patterson ★★★★★5 ★★★★★3 ★★★★★3 ★★★★★5
Ashley Webber ★★★★4 ★★★★★3 ★★★★★3 ★★★★★3
Dmitri Petrovich ★★★★★2 ★★★★★5 ★★★★★3 ★★★★★3
Jimmy Knuckles ★★★★★2 ★★★★4 ★★★★★5 ★★★★★2
Joey MacAdoo ★★★★4 ★★★★4 ★★★★4 ★★★★★3
Jorge Garcia ★★★★★3 ★★★★★2 ★★★★★3 ★★★★4
Keisha Phillips ★★★★★3 ★★★★4 ★★★★★5 ★★★★★2
Pablo Sanchez ★★★★★3 ★★★★4 ★★★★4 ★★★★4
Sidney Webber ★★★★4 ★★★★★3 ★★★★★3 ★★★★★3
Tony Delvecchio ★★★★★3 ★★★★4 ★★★★★2 ★★★★★3
Vicky Kawaguchi ★★★★★5 ★★★★★2 ★★★★★2 ★★★★4




Packaging ArtworkEdit


Backyard Sports Rookie Rush - Players Teaser00:58

Backyard Sports Rookie Rush - Players Teaser

Backyard Sports Rookie Rush - Power-Ups Teaser00:57

Backyard Sports Rookie Rush - Power-Ups Teaser


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