Barnacle Bob
Barnacle Bob

Barnacle Bob is an octopus from the Freddi Fish series.


Barnacle Bob is an orange colored octopus.

Freddi Fish 2: The Case of the Haunted SchoolhouseEdit

Barnacle Bob appears in all versions of the storyline, but he is only important in the Pulley storyline.

In the Pulley storyline, you should find all five purple sea urchins in the ocean (one of them is on a rock cliff which is on the other side of the Tide Pools). Once it is done, go to the City, then to the Pulley Emporium in it and give the urchins as a currency to the octopus. If you give him less than five sea urchins or leave the Pulley Emporium, he will give'em back to you. But if you give him all five purple sea urchins, he'll give you the nice pulley he has ever had. When it is done, Freddi and Luther will thank Barnacle Bob, who says: "T'ain't thanks that I'm needing or even expecting. Just keep up your interest in pulley collecting!" in the way that nothing bad in his pulley collecting and he likes everything who interested in it.

If you click on the huge pulleys in the sale, Barnacle Bob will tell you the song stories about them.

If Barnacle Bob doesn't have pulleys to sale at the time, he won't take one of the four purple sea urchins from Freddi and Luther. They will say then: "That's okay. We don't need a pulley anyway". But in spite of this fact he can sing duo the songs about the huge pulleys anyway.

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