Barnacle Bob's Songs

Barnacle Bob's Songs are a group of songs by Barnacle Bob in Freddi Fish 2: The Case of the Haunted Schoolhouse.


Song 1Edit

This pulley come down to the sea my friends
To the lonely sea from the sky
From the port bowel of a tall ship
That sailed from Paraguay

Song 2Edit

A pirate fish had this pullley
And would not give it away
Until I won it fair and square
In a game of underwater croquet

Song 3Edit

The Flying Dutchman's captain
Found true love, you see
And had no need to sail no more
So he sold me this here pulley

Song 4Edit

It's from the schooner Hesperus
That sailed the wint'ry sea
The skipper had taken his daughter along
And she sold this here pulley to me


Freddi Fish 2 Music Barnacle Bob's Songs00:47

Freddi Fish 2 Music Barnacle Bob's Songs

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