Birthday Cake

The birthday cake is an item found in Fatty Bear's Birthday Surprise and Putt-Putt: Pep's Birthday Surprise.

Fatty Bear's Birthday SurpriseEdit

The birthday cake is one of the main things that Fatty Bear must make for Kayla's birthday party, however Fatty Bear must first find the various ingredients and tools scattered around the house and kitchen in order to make it. After Fatty Bear gets everything to make the cake, he can put the ingredients in and (after it's put in the oven and later out of it) decorates it, Matilda Rabbit will take it to Kayla's room. Fatty Bear can, at any point after, make another cake for fun (the butter, eggs, and chocolate chips reappear if the player clicks on the table counter after making the cake).  

The cake remains inside Kayla's room until the end of the game where Kayla celebrates her birthday.


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