The Calculator is one of Putt-Putt's school supplies he lost when Mr. Firebird's Time Portal went haywire.

Locations Edit

The calculator can be found in four different locations

Jurassic Period Edit

The calculator may appear stuck on top of a ledge. Putt-putt will need to construct a ramp from four rocks to be able to retrieve it.

Medieval Edit

Merlin can be found using the calculator to power his alchemy machine. Putt-Putt must find another source of power if he wishes to reclaim it.

Old West Edit

At the ghost town, a rat can be seen with the calculator, however before Putt-Putt can retrieve it the mischievous rodent drops it into a chest that becomes locked.

Future Edit

The cartown museum is displaying the calculator as a primitive form of performing mathematical calculations. Putt-Putt must find another item to replace it.


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