Carnival Organ

Carnival Organ Puzzle is a mini-game in Freddi Fish 3: The Case of the Stolen Conch Shell.

The Carnival Organ is one of the Mini-Games in this Freddi Fish adventure but sometimes you need to use it to finish the game.

When the organ is a key piece to completing the puzzle there is a Golden Pipe stuck in one of the sponges and there's a special keyboard.  The object is to move the Golden Pipe along the sponges to the little chute on the left side of the organ.  Freddi and Luther will take it from there!

When you click a key on the special keyboard the Golden Pipe will pop up out of one sponge and land in another one.  Each key will blast the Golden Pipe a certain distance based on the number on the key.  For instance the number 1 will make it go 1 space closer to the chute, unless the key is purple.  The purple keys will make the Golden Pipe bounce backward!

There are plugs inside some of the sponges and the Golden Pipe can never land on these.  In fact, it will bounce right off them back to its original position.  The color of the sponges and keys correspond, adding another dimension to this puzzle. 

If the puzzle is too hard you can click on the arm on the side of the organ and it will re-set the puzzle to a new random setup (which might be easier…. but then again might not).

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