Cartown Movie Theater
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The Cartown Movie Theater is where Putt-Putt finds Baby Beep lost inside the same place in Putt-Putt Joins the Parade. After this is done, Putt-Putt indirectly refuses to wait and watch a movie because he might miss the parade whenever the player clicks on its entrance.

Putt-Putt Joins the ParadeEdit

When Putt-Putt arrives at the theater he finds Mrs. Airbag crying as she lost Baby Beep in the theater. Putt-Putt asks what he looks like and Mrs. Airbag gives him a photo of Baby Beep. Putt-Putt assures Mrs. Airbag he will find her son and she thanks him. After Putt-Putt and Baby Beep return to Mrs. Airbag, she gives the balloon she has as a reward for helping her.


  • King Karr- a parody of "King Kong"
  • The Three Little Cars- a parody of "The Three Little Pigs"
  • Wally the Flying Car- a parody of "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang"
  • Frankencar - a parody of "Frankenstein"
  • Beauty and the Wreck - a parody of "Beauty and the Beast"
  • Carzilla - a parody of "Godzilla"

Debug InformationEdit

Room Number 17

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