Cartown Zoo Entrance

The Cartown Zoo Entrance is the entrance of the Cartown Zoo. It has a "Cartown Zoo" sign, red, blue and yellow flags and blue, red, yellow and purple flowers, which are similar to Australian's children entertainers: The Wiggles. There is also a trio of animal bushes called The Topiary Creatures.

Putt-Putt Saves the ZooEdit

When Putt-Putt first arrives here, he has to press the speaker in order to tell Outback Al he is here to deliver Zoo Chow for the zoo. This will allow Putt-Putt to gain access to the zoo from this point onwards.

After Putt-Putt saves all the baby animals, Outback Al gets the grand opening underway here. For Putt-Putt's efforts at saving the baby animals and the zoo, he is given a Junior Zookeeper award. Putt-Putt then cuts the grand ribbon (an honor that Outback Al also gave him besides the award) in order to declare the zoo open before the residents go inside the zoo.

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