Crank Handle

The Crank Handle is an item first featured in Freddi Fish and the Case of the Missing Kelp Seeds.

Freddi Fish and the Case of the Missing Kelp SeedsEdit

Freddi Fish and Luther will need the crank handle in order to open the window to the room containing Grandma Grouper's chest of kelp seeds. Phineas McFinn will let the duo have the crank handle to his music box if they can find him a new instrument. After the duo give Phineas the mandolin as his new instrument, he will abandon his music box and give the crank handle to the duo in exchange for the mandolin. Freddi and Luther will then need to insert the crank handle to the window pulley, so they they can open the window and get inside the ship to retrieve Grandma Grouper's Kelp Seeds.

Pajama Sam: Thunder and Lightning Aren't So FrighteningEdit

Pajama Sam will need the crank handle to turn the fan in a funnel to free Y-Pipe in Foster Boondoggle's locker and/or get a hard hat to go through the hail room in the warehouse. He'll find it in the reception area of the offices of WWW. Once it's done, he can turn a big fan off, then put the crank handle into it and turn it towards the fog. Since the lockers are obscured, Pajama Sam must turn the big fan on so it will blow the fog away.

However, as soon as he finds Velocimomometer he'll turn the big fan back before he puts him to the Wind Machine.

Freddi Fish 4: The Case of the Hogfish Rustlers of Briny GulchEdit

Freddi Fish and Luther will need the crank handle in order to move the sail out of the way without being able to reach it which is blocking the water, so they can get over to the porthole. The crank handle is in a cave with moving up-and-down jellyfish. Freddi Fish and Luther must wait until the 4th jellyfish moves up to get the moving jellyfish by without being stung. Then they can take the crank handle and leave the cave. Leaving they'll see that all the jellyfish are up there and aren't moving until getting back to the entrance of the cave again.

After that Freddi Fish and Luther should swim to the crank area which is to the right of the porthole and put the crank handle in the crank so they can move the sail and fill the place with water to get over to the porthole.


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