Digital Make-Up Compact Decoder

The Digital Make-Up Compact Decoder is an item in SPY Fox: Operation Ozone. SPY Fox can use it to decipher Flotilla's code phrases.

Code PhrasesEdit

  • Minty Green Loot Creme: Poodles don't like Spare Changers.
  • White Pants Face Powder: Hang on the Backyard Line.
  • Pink Hoochi Poochi Shadow: Delight in Big Heists.
  • Blue Powdered Pussy Cat Shadow: Scratch when Slighted.
  • Corinthian Wrinkles Be Gone Creme: Warm Leather Makes it Hard to get out of the Bucket Seat.
  • Salt and Pepper Sprinkle Creme: On Eggs Over Easy.
  • Make a Dish Foundation: Pancakes Forever.
  • Dixie's Flaming Lip Gloss: Hot Hot Hot.

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