Drachmas are special coins from Ancient Greece and it is an item found in the SPY Fox series.

SPY Fox in "Dry Cereal"Edit

Before SPY Fox goes on his mission, Monkey Penny gives him some Drachmas for him to purchase a few things while investigating the island.

In all versions of the storyline, SPY Fox can use the drachmas to purchase the jar of trinkets from Gilbert at the Trinkets Booth. This is completely optional to do unless SPY Fox needs to play Go Fish against Artimice J. Bigpig in order to win back Captain Drydock's lucky charm from Mr. Bigpig in the White Water storyline.

In the White Water storyline, besides getting the jar of trinkets, SPY Fox must also buy the sailor hat from Gilbert as part of his plan to get Sal the Sailor to leave the bridge of the S.S. Deadweight.

In the Alligators storyline, SPY Fox must get some chicken knuckles from the Greek Cantina as part of his plan to get past the alligators blocking his way to the cow stables.

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