Employee Quiz

Employee Quiz is a mini-game in Pajama Sam 2: Thunder and Lightning Aren't So Frightening.

This employee quiz is a series of brain teaser questions the Chairman of the Board and the Board Members have put together to test the intellectual agility of WWW employees, and to find another board member.  Although you can play it any time you like sometimes it might be necessary to answer the questions correctly to rescue one of the machine parts.  If that's the case you may need help figuring out the answers.

Click on one of the folded pieces of paper in the hat and Sam will read the question.  Once he's done look at the list of answers.  Click on the answer you think is correct and the Chairman will tell you if you're right.  If you're wrong he'll tell you the correct answer and you'll get a chance to choose another question.  

When you want to stop playing click the arrow in the upper left corner.  

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