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Fatty Bear
Fatty Bear Art




Fatty Bear's Birthday Surprise (1993)

Voice Actor

Scott Burns

Fatty Bear is a stuffed teddy bear that belongs to a young girl named Kayla and her parents. Fatty Bear is Kayla's favorite toy. He is a plain brown bear with black button eyes, wearing a red pair of overalls (with pockets) with a single strap broken partly on the right-side and plain light colored shoes.

At night, while everyone is sleeping, he and his toy friends wake up.

Despite his name, Fatty Bear isn't fat - as players see during Birthday Suprise, he's an active,healthy character that does a lot of running around trying to prepare a suprise birthday for Kayla. Like all young bears, he just looks a little rotund.

Fatty Bear has only starred in three games

  • Fatty Bear's Birthday Surprise
  • Fatty Bear's Fun Pack
  • Putt-Putt & Fatty Bear's Activity Pack

but has also appeared multiple times since then. All of the games were originally for DOS, then pre-OS8 Macintosh, and finally ported to Windows/Mac CDs. However, the graphics are 320x200 just as they were for the DOS version.

The early version was available on 5.25 and/or 3.5' disks and on CD, but the later Windows/Mac hybrid CD was not available on flopy disk too.

Cameo AppearancesEdit

Fatty Bear has appeared in many of the Humongous Entertainment games.

  • Pajama Sam 1: During the cutscene in Sam's bedroom a teddy bear that resembles Fatty Bear can be seen.
  • In Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo he can be seen in the credits.


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