Fiddler Crab
Fiddler Crab
Race Crab
Gender Male
Voice actor(s) Scott Burns
Game(s) Freddi Fish and the Case of the Missing Kelp Seeds
Freddi Fish: ABC's Under the Sea

Fiddler Crab is an opera-singing crab. He gives Freddi Fish and Luther his fishing pole when they free him from a cage in which he is locked.


Fiddler Crab is a red crab with a peach-like mouth and a curled mustache


For unknown reasons, the Fiddler Crab ended up locked in a cage. When Freddi Fish and Luther goes over and asks what's wrong, the crab tells them through song that he would give the duo his fishing pole if they let him out. After getting a key, Freddi unlocks the cage and frees the crab. The Fiddler Crab then gives Freddi and Luther his fishing pole as a reward. Now when Freddi and Luther go talk to him, he would play some music with his claw. This causes Freddi and Luther to applaud him.

Fiddler Crab is later shown as Freddi and Luther take Grandma Grouper's Kelp Treasure back to Grandma Grouper if the player has Freddi and Luther save him. If not, that segment is skipped.