The Gears are items in Pajama Sam in "No Need To Hide When It's Dark Outside".

Pajama Sam in "No Need To Hide When It's Dark Outside"Edit

Sam will need a gear from Grandfather Clock if he needs to get his flashlight from the hidden area of the mines. In order for Grandfather Clock to let Sam have one of his spare gears, he needs Sam's help to fix the time on his face so that it shows the correct time. The correct time can be found on the clock in Darkness' living room, but Sam will only be able to help Grandfather Clock if he has already clicked the living room clock once. After Grandfather Clock's time is fixed, Sam can take a spare gear. The gear Sam takes must match the color and teeth of the gears for the crank inside the hidden mines. Sam must then put the correct gear on the crank in order to fix it, so that Sam and King can use the crank to get enough momentum to the abandoned rail and retrieve Sam's flashlight.