Giant Scary Mouse

The 'Giant, Scary Mouse' is a minor villain from the video game Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo.


The giant scary mouse who lives in the Grasslands is first witnessed coming out from under his burrow, scaring Baby Jambo while stranding him on a cliff, the mouse is not afraid of Pep. In order to get rid of him, Putt-Putt has to give the him a bag of Cheese Squigglies so he can go back into his burrow and free Baby Jambo's path of going home to Mama Mombassa.

The giant scary mouse is in a photo with his thin body again during the credits where he's captured by Mama Mombassa while making a funny face.


The giant mouse is brown with pink ears, a black nose, a pink mouth and a pink tummy. Like Pep, doesn't speak, but makes gestures to Putt-Putt asking him to move which the mouse refuses. He is small, but according to Baby Jambo and Putt-Putt he looks bigger than the both of them, not even a brontosaurus. The giant mouse usually feels grumpy when he confronts Baby Jambo but feels happy again when he receives a bag of Cheese Squigglies to eat. After he eats the Cheese Squigglies, he is satisfied and immediately returns into his burrow.


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