Gil Barker's Carnival Game

Gil Barker's Carnival Game is a mini-game in Freddi Fish 3: The Case of the Stolen Conch Shell.

If you can use a mouse you can play this game.  It's loads of fun and sometimes this activity is needed to help solve the mystery.

The object of this game is to push the critters floating by up into a column by clicking the mouse.  You want to place like pieces so they touch so they will cancel each other out and disappear.  You don't want a column to fill up because then you have no place to push the critters which keep on coming!

There are 8 columns and a variable number of rows.  One at a time, different critters come out of the tube on the right side of the screen.  They will move back and forth across the bottom of the screen until you click, or, at higher levels, until time runs out.  When you click, the critter will float as high in the column as it can.  When it reaches the last open spot it will stop.  Each time a critter stops in a column the game checks to see if there are four, or more, similar game pieces next to each other, either horizontally or vertically.  If there are, those critters disappear and everything below them will move up to fill those spots.

When a column is full and you try to send another critter into that column, the piece at the top of the column will move up into the permanent zone and will remain there until the end of the level.  If the permanent zone is filled up, the entire playing field is filled, and you have more critters to place you lose that level.  If you get all the critters out of the tube and into columns (either in the playing field or into the permanent zone) you win that level.

When the game starts the levels are fairly easy.  As you progress, you are faced with time limits, faster motion and more game pieces on the board.  It is also possible that the permanent zone will be larger or smaller.

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