Gilbert is a rabbit that works at the Trinkets Booth on Acidophilus.

SPY Fox in "Dry Cereal"Edit

In all versions of the storyline, After SPY Fox uses the Weasel Doorman talk balloon on Gilbert order for SPY Fox to convince Gilbert to let him look at his invitation all he wishes while he is at the booth (he can't take it as Gilbert can't be convinced to letting it go and SPY Fox can't steal it without Gilbert noticing). SPY Fox must then trick Gilbert into getting something off the shelf for him to buy (all the trinkets there are too high for Gilbert to reach). While Gilbert is distracted, SPY Fox must use the SPY Putty on Gilbert's invitation in order to create a perfect copy of the invitation.

Also, SPY Fox may buy the jar of trinkets from Gilbert in any version of the storyline, but it's only necessary to buy the trinkets in the White Water storyline.

Also, in the White Water storyline, SPY Fox must buy the sailor hat from Gilbert as part of his plan to get Sal to leave his post so he may check the bridge's map grid.

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