A pair of glasses is an item found in the Freddi Fish series. They are first shown in Freddi Fish 2: The Case of the Haunted Schoolhouse.

Freddi FishEdit

The Case of the Haunted SchoolhouseEdit

These glasses belong to Casey. They are only important in the Pulley storyline.

In the pulley storyline, Casey was so excited when he was reading his science magazines that he accidentally knocked his glasses off his face and dropped them into the hole. Luther must swim down the hole (as he's the only one that can fit in the hole) and go through the tunnel on the left (going through the tunnel on the right will send you out of the hole) in order to find the glasses. Once Luther has the glasses and exits the hole, he will return the glasses to Casey and he rewards Luther with the slingshot he made by himself.

The Case of the Creature of Coral CoveEdit

These glasses belong to Earl the map specialist. He lost them in the pools where the mudskippers play and has to wear microscope lens to read his maps, which inadvertently strains his eyes. Freddi and Luther retrieve the glasses by following the mudskipper's path and gives them to him, much to his joy.