Goby and Moray are the two villains featured in Freddi Fish 4: The Case of the Hogfish Rustlers of Briny Gulch. In the end, their boss who'd been responsible for the rustling Mr. Big is revealed, and they admit that all they ever really wanted was to be Hogfish Ranchers, but had no idea it would be so much work.


Goby is white and slim, and his hat will often cover up his eyes, whilst Moray is brown and not so slim, and has a more serious look. They're hats and belt buckles appear a different color and have a different letter respectively each time you play, as well as they'd either have a bandana or a bowtie.


Throughout the game, after Freddi Fish and Luther solve the combination to the hideout, Goby will stand guard, not letting any Non-Rustlers past, requiring Freddi to get the stuff needed to look like a rustler. After a piece need is found (as well as collecting the Air Pump or Spice Container), a cutscene will play, showing Moray's time handling the Hogfish.



  • If Freddi and Luther return to the Hideout after the Cinematic where Moray heads out to tell Goby about his hard time with the Hogfish, Moray will no longer be there, but he reappears in the next one, before he goes back inside, reminding Goby to continue staying guard.

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