Vital statistics
Inhabitants Baby Jambo
Mama Mombassa
Mrs. Giraffe
King Leo
Queen Leona

The Grasslands are one of the four parts of the Cartown Zoo.

Putt-Putt Saves the ZooEdit

Putt-Putt must go here to rescue Baby Jambo and Kenya.


The Grasslands consist of wide, open, grassy plains. Its inhabitance are all animals from Africa. The Grasslands feature a large watering hole, and a paint shack where Putt-Putt can paint himself six different colors. Baby Jambo and Mama Mombassa, Masai and Mrs. Giraffe, and Kenya and her parents King Leo and Queen Leona live in the Grasslands. Sammy Seal is found stuck in a mostly dried up stream by a dam in the Grasslands, and Baby Jambo is found trapped in a corner by a "giant scary mouse". Before Putt-Putt can get very far into the Grasslands, he has to pick up a log that's blocking the path, and later he uses the log to repair a raft in Jungleland.



  • Log
  • Shovel


Putt-Putt and Pep's Balloon-O-RamaEdit

Levels 41-50 of Balloon-O-Rama take place in the Grasslands.

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