Gretchen is a Dutch girl doll in Fatty Bear's Birthday Surprise.

Fatty Bear's Birthday SurpriseEdit

She is the one who has to get busy decorating Kayla's room for her birthday party overnight. It is her job for that to include fixing up a "Happy Birthday" sign on Kayla's bulletin board, but before that's possible, a puppy intended for Kayla's birthday present (who is loosened accidentally) runs off with three of the letters for it, making it impossible for Gretchen; however, whenever Fatty Bear finds one, two, or all three letters, she asks him to put them on for her, and to also blow up five balloons from the toy shelf, but it is only possible to get all five of them with the puppy being re-boxed so she cannot run in to pop one. As Fatty blows up a balloon, Gretchen tells him how many more to inflate.

At the end, because of Fatty's share of the work getting done, Gretchen congratulates him and declares so much excitement she cannot wait for Kayla to wake up.

Gretchen was voiced by Kjerstin Ramsing.

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