Horst Fedders the Seahorse
Horst Fedders
Race Seahorse
Gender Male
Game(s) Freddi Fish 3: The Case of the Stolen Conch Shell

Horst Fedders is a purple seahorse and a tourist who speaks in poor sentence structure in Freddi Fish 3: The Case of the Stolen Conch Shell.


Getting the Golden PipeEdit

To get the Shim-Sham-Jimmety-Jam-Clapper-Gapper, you need the Foreign Language Phrase Book to get it. First, get the wallet by the submarine and the entrance to Claw's Bully Club. Listen to what the wallet belongs to and give it to him or her. You get the Orange Sea Urchin if you do it. Return to shore and bring it to Pelican Sam. Pelican Sam will reward you with the Foreign Language Phrase Book. When you meet Horst, select the flag that matches the image on his bag and then click on him. You receive this reward for doing that.

Getting the Great Conch ShellEdit

When you get the Visitor's Map inside the Thief Bag, give it to Horst. He'll say that this map of a visitor belongs to someone else while you don't have anything on him. Old Soggy will bite his tail and he will say that he thought it would make a good souvenir and a good hearing aid for his old silver haired Grannie, and that he didn't knew it was so valuable. Freddi tells him that whether or not the Conch was valuable is beside the point and that, as his silver-haired Granny would have agreed, stealing is wrong. Horst will give Uncle Blenny the Great Conch Shell.


After he stole the Great Conch Shell, Horst was convicted of a 525 Granny Larceny and forced to write a new foreign language phrase book that wasn't "silly" like the one on his trip.

Trivia Edit

Horst Fedder's name might be a reference to a Marx Brother's movie:"Horse Feathers" in 1932.