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Jungleland is another one of the locations at the Cartown Zoo.

Putt-Putt Saves the ZooEdit

Putt-Putt must go here to rescue Masai and Kenya.


The Jungleland is full of lush jungle plants designed to give it the appearance of a rainforest and a large body of water that is composed of rivers and a waterfall. Its inhabitance are all animals that can live in the Amazon rainforest. Skeeter and his mother, Mrs. Boa along with Zanzibar and his father, Mr. Hippo all live here. Masai the giraffe is stuck on the other side of a drawbridge and can't get out of her predicament due to a boulder being in the way of the drawbridge, the drawbridge lever being on the other side, and the cave next to her being too small for her to enter while Kenya is stuck on a ledge at the waterfall. In order for Putt-Putt to be able to cross the large river, he will need to complete the raft with the log from Grasslands.



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