By entering a cheat code when a Junior Arcade (or Junior Field Trips) game asks for your name, you can access any level of the game without having to play through all the previous levels. In some games you have to go back to the menu after entering the code and click Continue Old Game before the cheat will work.

HE Games Cheat CodesEdit

Cheat Code Description
Freddi Fish and Luther's Maze Madness
FILET Any level, need to Continue Old Game
TARTAR Any level, need to Continue Old Game
Freddi Fish and Luther's Water Worries
CHEATER-X Any level
Lets Explore the Airport with Buzzy (Lost Luggage)
PORKDUDE Use 'c' to activate the editor
Lets Explore the Farm with Buzzy (Eggs Away)
PORKDUDE Any level
Lets Explore the Jungle with Buzzy (Anteater Feeder)
XOCIPIL Any level
Pajama Sam's Sock Works
CHEATER-X Any level
Putt-Putt and Pep's Balloon-O-Rama
FROGBOY Any level, spacesuit for Pep
TOADGIRL Any level, spacesuit for Pep
Putt-Putt and Pep's Dog on a Stick
CHEATER-X Any level
SPY Fox in Cheese Chase
CHEATERX Any level
TESTERX Any level
SPY Fox in Hold the Mustard
ICHEAT Enables these additional keys, need to Continue Old Game:
- - Go down one level
= - Go up one level
Shift A - Shows entering the secret hideout under the sea cutscene
Shift B - Adds 16 mega bombs
Shift F - Adds 200 unknown
Shift G - Jump on any level
Shift H - Adds 6 homing missiles
Shift W - Shows ending sequence and credits

Pajama Sam's Lost & Found Level CodesEdit

Level Code
Level 1 HELLO (first River level)
Level 2 Y7P2F
Level 3 9L4A4
Level 4 P3R3G
Level 5 8V8R4
Level 6 K1E6W
Level 7 6D9G3
Level 8 J4V1Y
Level 9 3U9X6
Level 10 Q3C2T
Level 11 9J2V8
Level 12 X8Y4M
Level 13 9W8A2
Level 14 X4E2E
Level 15 2J9U7
Level 16 Y1S1B
Level 17 8M8C3
Level 18 W9X3M
Level 19 9L6Z4
Level 20 V1T8D
Level 21 SUPER (first Mine level)
Level 22 2F2U8
Level 23 G7Y1N
Level 24 4P7R8
Level 25 F1W9E
Level 26 7Y6R3
Level 27 N8E3S
Level 28 3B3D9
Level 29 S8H8E
Level 30 2D4J3
Level 31 T9Q9V
Level 32 8C9E7
Level 33 X8N5F
Level 34 8Z6K6
Level 35 H734W
Level 36 5R7Z5
Level 37 P1R8L
Level 38 1N4U4
Level 39 D1P2A
Level 40 9C6R8
Level 41 WACKY (first Snow level)
Level 42 J2T9L
Level 43 1H8M7
Level 44 M3D6L
Level 45 3Q5V9
Level 46 P2S3M
Level 47 7V1H5
Level 48 E8T6A
Level 49 7Z4H6
Level 50 Q8Z4F
Level 51 7J5U2
Level 52 K8D7L
Level 53 9L8C8
Level 54 W9A3N
Level 55 3A3G3
Level 56 H9M6D
Level 57 8F8S7
Level 58 A2N8D
Level 59 8V9R8
Level 60 F2T6B
Level 61 NIFTY (first Factory level)
Level 62 2P5BC
Level 63 S5V1W
Level 64 8S8W5
Level 65 HVN9W
Level 66 BGXT3
Level 67 PSQ8M
Level 68 5DJW9
Level 69 36Z5X
Level 70 6U8G7
Level 71 B6R4Y
Level 72 DM9L4
Level 73 D8S8M
Level 74 3G4R9
Level 75 Z2C4X
Level 76 5G1Z6
Level 77 F2T9Y
Level 78 122K5
Level 79 F9W6D
Level 80 9S1K3
Level 81 FUNNY (first Street level)
Level 82 H1P8K
Level 83 8A7R8
Level 84 BKX1Q
Level 85 6Y538
Level 86 F1VSB
Level 87 3Q3Y2
Level 88 F4ANM
Level 89 6LCW9
Level 90 R648K
Level 91 2W6NP
Level 92 A9H62
Level 93 4T3C7
Level 94 F5B2L
Level 95 4C9Q6
Level 96 73E5M
Level 97 2P5D8
Level 98 J9H6U
Level 99 8C2C3
Level 100 L5A5H

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