Race African-American
Gender Female
Family Kayla's Dad

Kayla's Mom

Pet(s) Puppy
Voice actor(s) Devinne Jackson
Game(s) Fatty Bear's Birthday Surprise
Kayla is a little girl and the owner of Fatty Bear in Fatty Bear's Birthday Surprise.

Fatty Bear's Birthday Surprise Edit

Kayla spends most of the game asleep in bed, not only because it is nighttime, but because the next day is her birthday. She doesn't ever see Fatty Bear or his fellow toys alive; however, she does talk to Fatty Bear as a stuffed animal.

At the end of the game, she wakes up on her birthday, surprised to see her room decorated and the cake presented. Kayla then receives a puppy as her present, and thanks everybody, especially Fatty Bear.

When text is displayed, Kayla's text is in indigo, except when she expresses amazement at the surprise, in which it is in light cherry red.