King Crab
King Crab
Race Crab
Gender Male
Occupation King
Voice actor(s) Scott Burns
Game(s) Freddi Fish and the Case of the Missing Kelp Seeds

King Crab is the ruler of the sea. He doesn't appear to have a queen or an heir, but he is friendly to Freddi and Luther.


King Crab is a large red crab with a white beard. a golden crown, and a king's cape.


King Crab appears in all versions of the game, but is only important if the Message Bottle is at his castle.

If a bottle is found at the castle, it is used to occupy a space for a missing pearl. Freddi and Luther explain to King Crab they need the bottle, however the King states the problem is he really likes the quality of the bottle, but he will let them have it if they can find something more shiny and valuable. After Freddi and Luther bring King Crab a pearl, he takes it, has it fill the empty space, and gives them the bottle.