Kipper is a minor character in Freddi Fish 5: The Case of the Creature of Coral Cove. She is the owner of a Taffy shop, and she also gives information about it (at one point, Luther says he wishes he had braces). She speaks very quickly and is forgetful.

In gameplay variant where the "to do list" lest by Xamfear indicates he ordered 50 pounds of taffy for delivery, Freddi and Luther need to get the delivery address from Kipper. However, Kipper doesn't remember the password to her computer (which is actually very simple) and needs them to find the trading card she had used to write down the password.

Flavors of Taffy, What Luther Says (When Freddi Reads the Flavor Name Aloud), Who Tastes It, and their TasteEdit

  • Vanilla - "The thrilla of vanilla!" - Freddi: likes it
  • Coffee - "Yuck!" - Freddi: doesn't like it
  • Marionberry - "Do all the mayors get a fruit named after them?" - Freddi: likes it
  • Briny Shrimp - "Now we're talkin'!" - Freddi: doesn't like it
  • Kiwi Krunch - "Hmm. Tangy." - Freddi: doesn't like it
  • Green Gravy - "What, no potatoes?" - Luther: likes it
  • Hot Sprinkles - "That sounds hot, hot, hot!" - Luther: likes it
  • Butter Flakes - "Mmm, butter flavor." - Luther: likes it
  • Garlic - "Packs a punch!" - Luther: doesn't like it
  • Wasabi Tots - "Hot stuff!" - Luther: doesn't like it

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