Laren is a minor character in Freddi Fish 5: The Case of the Creature of Coral Cove. He is a professional jug-blowing musician. He is also a citizen from town. He was voiced by Ken Boynton. His girlfriend is Donna. Freddi Fish and Luther meet him when is missing a jug and has a glass bottle which makes no sound. After Freddi and Luther find a jug and glues it back together, Laren gives them the glass bottle.


Laren is a shy, cute, sweet, cheerful, and slender fish with a turquoise body and round cheeks. His fins and eyebrows are dark green and his fins are located on his head, back, and rear end. He wears an orange patched shirt which covers his tummy and an orange and blue hat with a white ball on the top. He also talks with the dimple on his chin showing.


  • Not as good as I should be.
  • My tummy is growling. I'm hungry. I can't wait for Planktos after the park opens!
  • Sea monster food makes my body inflate and I'm allergic to it.
  • (gasps after Freddi hands him his missing jug) Say, are you for real?! I can keep this jug? Whoo-eee! (blushes) (he blows into his jug and kneels down and hands Freddi the glass bottle) Here, take this glass bottle.


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