Laren is a fictional character in Freddi Fish 5: The Case of the Creature of Coral Cove. He is very shy. He's a professional jug musician, and he is obsessed with music. He is also one of the townsfolk. He lives on a farm with his parents and brother. He was voiced by Ken Boynton. His girlfriend is Donna. His name may come from a Dutch village. Freddi Fish and Luther meet him when he is missing a jug and has a glass bottle which makes no sound. After Freddi and Luther find a jug and glues it back together, he gives them the glass bottle. He is not shown in the mansion scene, but is possibly standing next to Kit Craftsman on the upper right. He is finally seen at the end cheering and clapping with all other citizens when Freddi and Luther save the park and when Xamfear Duncan Dogberry Valentine opens the park for them all.


Laren is the youngest and shyest of the townsfolk, and is cute, quiet, and sweet. He is somewhat of a big eater. He is also very cheerful and doesn't talk very much. His most important thing is to become a jug band player.


Laren is a cute and slender fish with a turquoise body and tail and round cheeks. His fins and eyebrows are dark green on his head, back, and tail. He wears an orange knee-length patched shirt which covers his tummy and an orange and blue hat with a white ball on the top. The patches on his shirt are brown and yellow. He speaks with a Wild Western accent. His tail often floats side by side while he’s standing to his normal self.


  • Freddi: What are you playing?
  • Jugs.
  • Freddi: You’re good.
  • Not as good as I should be. I’m still one jug short, and this glass bottle is no substitute. I wouldn’t need this bottle at all if I had another jug. (he says it again if a second time is clicked)
  • (he tries to blow into his glass bottle, but narrows his eyes)
  • Freddi: I love jug band music.
  • This isn’t even music. Glass bottles can’t hold tune.
  • Freddi: Why are you using it?
  • Because I’m missing one jug. If I had a jug, I wouldn’t need this glass bottle anymore.
  • Freddi: What is your name?
  • Laren. I am very shy.
  • Freddi: Nice to meet you, Laren. I’m Freddi Fish, and this is my pal Luther.
  • (sobbing) My jug is gone! What am I going to do? (tears are streaming down his cheeks)
  • Freddi: Don’t cry, Laren. We’ll help you find your jug.
  • (giggles) Thank you!
  • Luther: Why is your name Laren?
  • I got my name from the Dutch village. My name used to be Rodney, so my parents called me Laren.
  • Freddi: Where do you live, Laren?
  • I live on a farm. My mom, dad, brother and I keep cows, horses, pigs, piglets, chickens, chicks, goats, bees, rabbits, and I have a pet catfish named Lila. She always sleeps with me on my bed at night, and also cuddles in my lap. Baby animals are so cute!
  • (a loud growling is heard)
  • Luther: What was that?
  • My tummy is growling. I'm hungry. I can't wait for Planktos after the park opens! I'll just have my peanut butter and jellyfish sandwich from now on. (grabs his peanut butter and jellyfish sandwich and eats it and then rubs his tummy) That was yummy! Now I'm not hungry anymore.
  • Freddi: That's nice.
  • Freddi: Are you ticklish?
  • Yes I am.
  • Luther: Me too!
  • Luther: Do you like sea monster food?
  • Sea monster food makes my body inflate and I'm allergic to it. It also makes my cheeks all puffy.
  • Freddi: Do you like Planktos?
  • Thanks, but not right now.
  • Freddi: Check out this jug. It matches the rest of your set.
  • Luther: It's like we've reunited the jug family.
  • (gasps in excitement after Freddi hands him his missing jug) (blushes) Are you for real?! I can keep this jug? Whoo-eee!
  • Freddi: Of course.
  • (he blows into his jug, grins, kneels down, and hands Freddi the glass bottle) Here, take this glass bottle.
  • Freddi: Thanks.
  • YEE-HAW! Victory is mine!
  • (giggles) It is sure nice to be in the park again! I can eat whatever I want!
  • Donna: I love you, Laren! (she kisses him on the cheek, which causes his cheeks to blush)
  • Thank you, Donna. You are so kind. I'm so happy we can play in the park. I can play jugs whenever I want to.