Mata Hairy

Mata Hairy, SPY Fox's informant is a giraffe that speaks in codes.

SPY Fox in "Dry Cereal"Edit

Mata Hairy appears in all versions of the storyline. What she gives to SPY Fox and where he meets her depends on the storyline.

In the White Water storyline, SPY Fox finds her hiding in a treasure chest in between the way to William the Kid's fortress and Captain Drydock's boat after SPY Fox first enters the fortress from the blown-up underwater entrance. She gives him an electronic code box that she intercepted and while she doesn't know what it is, the code box seems to fit into a larger component. She leaves after SPY Fox thanks her for always "sticking her neck out" for him.

In the Car Chase storyline, SPY Fox finds her hiding in a drainpipe at the N.O.G. Factory after SPY Fox gets contacted by Monkey Penny and Walter Wireless. After SPY Fox gives Mata a codephrase in response to her code (which varies in this storyline), she reveals she intercepted some sort of coded password and while she doesn't know what it means, she is positive that it's important somehow. After giving SPY Fox the password inside a fortune cookie, she says goodbye to SPY Fox since she needs to go find another lead.

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