Mickey Hollandaise
Mickey Hollandaise
Race Banana
Gender Male
Occupation Comedian
Voice actor(s) Scott Burns
Game(s) Pajama Sam 3: You Are What You Eat From Your Head To Your Feet

Mickey Hollandaise is a banana comedian on MopTop Island. After his act goes sour, Pajama Sam must help him reorganize his joke cards.

Pajama Sam 3: You Are What You Eat: From Your Head To Your FeetEdit

When Sam first sees Mickey, he is shown trying to impress the audience with jokes, but because his note cards were mixed up, the audience hate his jokes (one guy even throws a pumpkin at Mickey out of frustration, which Sam can obtain later when he goes into Mickey's dressing room). Mickey then had to come in his large red shoes to impress the audience as well as send his knock-knock joke stand-in, Tom Rutabaga, to impress the audience while he takes a break.

If Granny Smythe is being bounced around by Zing's soda can dancers, Mickey will reveal to Sam that he was never able to tell a decent joke since the sweet troopers arrived. Sam will volunteer to try to get the note cards back up together which Mickey allows. When the note cards are rearranged back together, Mickey decides to try the jokes again, but without his shoes. Knocking away his stand-in and using his corrected note cards, Mickey is able to impress the audience and get his career back together, which he thanks Sam for. Mickey then throws away his shoes, declaring he shall need them no more before leaving to go talk to his agent about doing his jokes elsewhere.