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Backyard Baseball 2003 Box

The cover art for Backyard Baseball 2003, with Mike Piazza as its cover athlete.

Mike Piazza is a Major League Baseball player that made appearances in the Backyard Baseball series in Baseball 2001, Baseball '03, Baseball on Game Boy Advance, GameCube, and Baseball '05 as an unlockable character. His nickname in 2001 and 2003 is "Supreme". Piazza bats and throws Right, and his birthday is March 4.

Mike Piazza's Bio in Baseball '01 & '03Edit

One of the best hitting catchers of all time, little Mikey likes listening to Heavy Metal music and playing the drums in his spare time. This powerhouse has a knack for the game - he knows how to play


Backyard Baseball 2001: please fill in

Backyard Baseball 2003:

Batting: 9/10

Running: 3/10

Pitching: 3/10

Fielding: 8/10

Backyard Baseball (Game Boy Advance): please fill in

Backyard Baseball (GameCube): please fill in

Backyard Baseball 2005: please fill in

Power: 8/10

Contact: 5/10

Running: 6/10

Fielding: 8/10

Pitching: 5/10

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