Mr. Hippo
Mr. Hippo
Race Hippopotamus
Gender Male
Family Zanzibar (son)
Game(s) Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo

Mr. Hippo is the father of Zanzibar the hippo. They both live in Jungleland.


Mr. Hippo is a grumpy brown buff hippo. He's roughly the size of 30 cars and could easily rule the Zoo if he so desired.

Putt-Putt Saves the ZooEdit

Mr. Hippo appears in the area section to the left right before the end of the waterfall. He, like all the other parents of the missing baby animals, is upset and depressed due to his son being missing. After Putt-Putt saves Zanzibar, Mr. Hippo thanks Putt-Putt for rescuing his son and is happy to be reunited with his son.


Mr. Hippo is the only parent who appears in the demo version, as his home is part of the way to rescuing Kenya the Lion Cub. Like in the real game, he complains over his son being missing, but the player cannot leave the dock to rescue Zanzibar.

Unlike the other parents, his expression does not change after his child is rescued though he acts less grumpy than he previously was and is also grateful to Putt-Putt for helping Zanzibar.

While it's not confirmed it's believed that Mr. Hippo is the head of the Cartown Zoo's Mafia.