Mr. Triplefin
Mr Triplefin
Race Threefin blenny
Gender Male

Mr. Triplefin is a character from Freddi Fish 2: The Case of the Haunted Schoolhouse.


Mr. Triplefin is a blue threefin blenny with green fins and tail, red and white jacket and gold-red hat.


Mr. Triplefin is seen in all versions of the storyline, but he is only important in the Mock-Stop-Mibble-Bock-Wopper-Bopper storyline.

In the Mock-Stop-Mibble-Bock-Wopper-Bopper storyline, Freddi and Luther will need the combination to the lock on the display case displaying Freddi's spelling bee trophy so that they can give it to Ray, but Mr. Triplefin has the lock's combination. In order to get the lock combination, Freddi and Luther will need to take Mr. Triplefin's business card (which fell off the display case) and show it to him in order for him to give them the lock's combination.