Mr Triplefin's Songs

Mr. Triplefin's Songs are a group of songs in Freddi Fish 2: The Case of the Haunted Schoolhouse. Mr. Triplefin sings them while playing his guitar.


Song 1Edit

When I was a school fish, even younger than you
School was twenty miles upstream and through ice too
I'd swim faster than a manta ray on the wing
'Cause I wouldn't have missed school for...heh, anything!

Song 2Edit

I used to work nights as janitor of the ocean
I picked up junk with one sweeping motion
But you see all this sand collectin' under the sea?
I'm retired! It's one mess that won't be cleaned up by me

Song 3Edit

Sittin' on my porch...well, nothin' could be finer
'Cept maybe eatin' at an Eddie's All-You-Can-Eat Diner
The food there's healthy and it tastes good to me
You know, I only wish that it could be free

Song 4Edit

I got a friend of mine by the name of Ed Salmon
We used to sit on our rockers and play backgammon
The game's real good and the company's fine
Even though we'd cheat...most of the time

Song 5Edit

Well, hush my fish lips and call me a trout
Livin' underwater is what it's all about
Y'know...some folks prefer the land way up there
But me? Heh, I can't take all that dry air

Song 6Edit

There once was a cow guppy who'd hoot and holler
He had a fine young seahorse by the name of Sand Dollar
He'd ride into town with his ten gallon hat
But nobody knew his a matter of fact


Freddi Fish 2 Music Mr01:57

Freddi Fish 2 Music Mr. Triplefin's Songs

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