Mrs Croaker's Songs

Mrs. Croaker's Songs are a group of songs by Mrs. Croaker in Freddi Fish 2: The Case of the Haunted Schoolhouse.


Song 1Edit

There's a ghost in the school, the guppies are scared
The ghost showed up, we weren't prepared
If it doesn't leave, the school is done
Cause learning with a ghost is just no fun

Song 2Edit

The guppies all want to be in class
Learning music is such a guess
If you could get rid of that ghost
Freddi and Luther would be the most

Song 3Edit

Algebra, history and P.E.
With the ghost around school cannot be
It's not here but it might return
We're so scared we cannot learn

Song 4Edit

A ghost in school is a great big lie
A ghost in school will make us cry
Please believe there's no such thing
We don't want to cry, we want to sing

Song 5Edit

The guppies are scared, their faces are grim
The ghost was just here, and wow! He can swim
It swam through the class fast as light-en-ing
He's so mean it's really fright-en-ing


Freddi Fish 2 Music Mrs01:12

Freddi Fish 2 Music Mrs. Croaker's Songs

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