Ms. Tree
Race Tree
Gender Female
Game(s) Pajama Sam in "No Need To Hide When It's Dark Outside"
Tree 2

Sam and Ms. Tree in the Land of Darkness.

Ms. Tree is the first friendly character Sam meets in his first adventure.


Ms. Tree differs from the other trees near her for two reasons. First, she is a blue tree and contrasts visually with the others. Second, her personality is motherly and caring. She tells Sam that she is sorry he lost his belongings and offers him the rope that was used to trap him. She then encourages Sam to search for his stuff in the Land of Darkness, wishing him good luck.

Pajama Sam in "No Need To Hide When It's Dark Outside"Edit

When Sam first enters the Land of Darkness, a rope dangling from Ms. Tree’s branch catches hold of him by one of his ankles, trapping Sam and allowing the Customs Trees to take his things. After Sam frees himself from the rope, Ms. Tree graciously lets Sam keep it, and he winds up losing it to get a plank. However, Ms. Tree is not mad when Sam reveals this to her, and is in fact relieved about not holding up the rope all day long and that she can get another one.


"Hi, how ya doing?
Pretty good, how bout' you?
I can't complain.
That's good.
It's against the rules.

—Sam and Ms. Tree

"Hello Sam, what's new?
Hi Tree. You know, I really enjoy a nice piece of cheese now and again.
Cheese is awfully tasty.
But I'm lactose intolerant.

—Ms. Tree and Sam, again