Nadine is a pink female Narwhal who first appears in the game Freddi Fish 3: The Case of the Stolen Conch Shell.

Overview Edit

In-Game Edit

Nadine was one of the six suspects who was at the crime when the Conch Shell was stolen.

If a golden pipe is sealed in something whose handle cannot be turned without a nut, that nut is stuck in Nadine's tooth, so Freddi and Luther have to get a pair of pliers from a sunken plane and use them to pry the nut off.

Getting the Great Conch Shell Edit

If the special item in the bag that the thief dropped is a giant toothbrush, give it to Nadine. She will say that the toothbrush could belong to anyone, but Old Soggy bites her tail. She then confesses and says that she accidentally knocked over the Conch with her tooth and thought it was beyond repair when the golden pipes fell out, so she hid the evidence of her "dental indiscretion". Freddi tells her that the best thing to do when you do wrong is to fess up, and trying to cover up your mistakes only makes matters worse; in her case, it nearly ruined the whole Grand Festival for everyone. Therefore, she admits to having not been honest, repents, and returns the Conch.

Nevertheless, Nadine is convicted of violating code 121 by what was to be known as the Narwhalgate Cover-Up, and sentenced to many long hours of publicly teaching fish how to brush and floss their teeth (as shown by her flossing her pointed tooth).