Paint Shack
Paint Shack
Vital statistics

The Paint Shack is one of the many locations featured in the Cartown Zoo.


This small shack was built to provide guests with the option to change the color of their chassis. It is located on the far eastern side of the Grasslands. Guests are given the option of six different colors: "Purple", "Fire Engine Red", "Orange", "Sunny Yellow", "Alligator Green", and "Cool Blue" respectively. A mirror is provided to see the results of the paint job. In a nearby tree, a loan parrot sits resting in the shade.

This is the only paint shop in the Putt-Putt series in which the same colour can't be applied twice.

Putt-Putt Saves the ZooEdit

Putt-Putt can arrive here after he goes past where Baby Jambo and the "Giant Scary Mousey" are to the right. Whenever Putt-Putt decides to paint himself with a new color, he accidentally paints Pep's head in the process.

Baby Jambo the elephant somehow accidentally ends up in this shack when he goes to back home to his mother, Mama Mombassa after Putt-Putt saves him from the "Giant Scary Mousey" before turning back to go home while Putt-Putt takes cover.

In the end credits, Putt-Putt and Pep have a paint fight at the shack.


Debug InformationEdit

Room Number 27


With some skill, the parrot can be made to choke on an acorn by clicking on the tree just above it, then on the parrot a split-second after.