Pajama Man
Pajama Man
Race Human
Gender Male
Game(s) Pajama Sam series

Pajama Man is a superhero from the Pajama Sam series. He is a fictional character that Sam greatly loves and adores and he even made a superhero identity based on his idol. Defeats DARKNESS, EARTHQUAKER, QUEEN OF HEARTS, MOJO JOJO, CAPTAIN PETE, THUNDER, LIGHTNING, ROYAL JELLY, ADMIRIAL PEANUT BUTTER, THE EVIL COOKIES, DUST DEVIL, CARDBOARD WOMAN, FIZZY POPPINS, RED BARON, SWIPER, CARD SOLDIERS, SHALLOWGRAVE, DR. GRIME, ONE EYED BLACK BART, PITCH BLACK, KING MUDDY, LORD VORTECH, SID PHILIPS, EMPEROR ZURG, UNCLE SCAR, the 3 hyenas, No heart, the giant of nod, evil underwear, remote remover, serious bowler, malevolent milk molecules, Robert, syndrome, dag, baron Ruber, mother Gothel, stinky Pete, al mcwhiggan, fat cat, Norton Nimnul, Billy the kid, don karnage, bomb voyage, the crusher, Royal pain, stitches, penny lent, lash, speed, joker, green goblin, lex Luther, Rita repulsa, locomotive org, the nightmare King, the horned King, max from cats don't dance, professor ratigan, jafar, dick dastardly, dr. Wrench it, Jane the sour kangaroo, negaduck, the headless horseman, gaston legume, little Jerry and the monotones, Oscar the grouch, dr. Zin, kingpin, Lawrence Limburger the white witch AND DIESEL 10.

Pajama Sam in "No Need To Hide When It's Dark Outside"Edit

Pajama Man is seen in the comic book Sam reads at the beginning of the game. He is also the answer to one of four random question categories in the Brain Tickler.  

Pajama Sam 2: Thunder and Lightning Aren't So FrighteningEdit

Pajama Man is seen on the TV show Sam watches at the beginning of the game.

Pajama Sam 3: You Are What You Eat From Your Head To Your FeetEdit

Pajama Man is shown on the cookie box cover that Sam reads at the beginning of the game. As a side-mission, Sam can find 20 cookie box-tops in order to get a Pajama Man Action Figure with Titanic Elbow Thrust. Sam is also shown playing with a Pajama Man action figure during the end credits.

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