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Pajama Sam's One Stop Fun Shop (most commonly called Pajama Sam's One-Stop Fun Shop) is a Pajama Sam game included in the One-Stop Fun Shop series. The game was released in April 5th 2000. The disc is red with Pajama Sam. The game runs on Windows (95/98/2000/ME). The game rarely works on some Windows 7, 8, and even 10 computers.


Colors on the PaletteEdit

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • White
  • Black

Mixing ColorsEdit


  • Blue and yellow make green.
  • Red and blue make purple.
  • Red and yellow make orange.
  • Black and white make gray.
  • Red and white make pink.

You could also mix any color with black and white.

Black = Dark

White = Light


  • Sam-O-Matic
  • Paint Pad
  • Coloring Book

Downloadable ContentEdit

Back on the old Humongous website, you could download One-Stop Fun Shop content for the game. You could also make your own. However, there is no tutorial on how to do this at the moment. (unless there is)

To install content into the game, just download the content, run the EXE file, and use the built-in WinZip extractor. One that's done, run One-Stop Fun Shop and you're all set.