These are the people of Pajama Sam: Games to Play on Any Day who got charge of the game

Humongous EntertamentEdit

Senior Vice-PresidentEdit

  1. Andy Hieke

Executive ProducerEdit

  1. Jonathan Baron


  1. Valerie Tucker


  1. Scott Brothers

Interactive Design Lead ArtistEdit

  1. Lean Verre

Interface Art and DesignEdit

  1. Christopher Miller

Lead ProgramerEdit

  1. Ross McIntire

Senior ProgramerEdit

  1. Peggy Wiltz

Lead AnimatorEdit

  1. Bill McGuire

Lead Ink and PaintEdit

  1. Jennifer Dawkins


  1. Eric Gross
  2. Katie Harris
  3. Kristen Hebensterit
  4. Wendy Jones
  5. Mike Messersmith
  6. Tim Scott

Sound EffectsEdit

  1. Geoff Kirk
  2. Kelly Krstek

More coming soon...


More coming soon...

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