Pierre Le Pain
Race Bread
Gender Male
Voice actor(s) Ken Boynton
Game(s) Junior Adventure Games
Pajama Sam 3: You Are What You Eat From Your Head To Your Feet

"But yes, I am Pierre Le Pain of the bread's and grain's group."


Pierre Le Pain at the Peace Conference.

Pierre Le Pain is the delegate of the bread and grains group for the Peace Conference on Mop Top Island.

Appearance Edit

Pierre is a loaf of French Bread with a handlebar mustache and a straw hat like the other delegates.

History Edit

Pierre Le Pain is…

Locked in a prize booth Edit

  1. Fix the faucet by the cupcakes on Muscle Beach.
    • Visit the plumbers to get a wrench.
  2. Water the small heads of cauliflower to make shade over the cupcakes.
  3. Click on the Ferris wheel once the Muffins start working out.
  4. With the hammer as your cursor, hit the bell with the hammer to win Pierre LePain.

Trapped on the Ferris wheel Edit

  1. Untie the balloon salesman’s shoes.
  2. Hit the bell with the hammer as you float up into the air.
    • The bell signals the cupcakes that the peak tanning time is over.  The cupcakes will leave and the muffins will have nothing to sketch.
  3. The muffins start working out again which moves the Ferris wheel and frees Pierre LePain.