Pierre the Tailor
Race Needlefish
Gender Male
Occupation Tailor
Voice actor(s) Ken Boynton
Game(s) Freddi Fish 3: The Case of the Stolen Conch Shell

Pierre the Tailor is a character in Freddi Fish 3: The Case of the Stolen Conch Shell. He is a yellow, French-accented needlefish who works as a tailor.



In-Game Edit

1) If Luther unintentionally rips Magenta the Monkey's sail trying to get it out (and replace it with the drain plug), the player will have to take the sail to Pierre to sew it up with his nose and return it to Magenta so she can sail and, when asked, get the golden pipe from the tree.

2) If Freddi and Luther find a wallet with orange sea urchins in it, they have to give it to Pierre. If they do, he gratefully gives them one of the urchins which Freddi and Luther will have to give to Sam for a foreign language phrasebook.

Getting the Great Conch Shell Edit

If the special item in the bag is a spool of thread and sewing needle, give it Pierre. He will say that it could belong to anyone but then Old Soggy bites his tail. He admits that the Great Conch is an ultimate expression of exquisitely good taste and that it would've made the perfect accessory to his latest greatest fashion creation. Freddi tells him that the Conch is not just an ornament, but a symbol for important life under the sea, and stealing is bad regardless of how he looked at it. Feeling "smaller than the krill," he repents and returns the Conch to Uncle Blenny. He is nevertheless convicted of violating penal code 919 for selfishness. Therefore, the penalty is making hand puppets for underprivileged humpback whales for a total of 4284 hours.