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The cover for Putt-Putt & Fatty Bear's Activity Pack.

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A screenshot of the game.

Putt-Putt & Fatty Bear's Activity Pack is a game released for MS-DOS on March 25, 1994. The game features Putt-Putt and Fatty Bear playing 12 games to choose from. This is Putt-Putt and Fatty Bear's only appearance of being in the same game, (not including Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo in which Fatty Bear only makes a quick cameo or Fatty Bear's Birthday Surprise in which Putt-Putt only makes a quick cameo, also a preview to Putt-Putt Goes to the Moon.) The background music is the same as that in Putt-Putt Joins the Parade, even in the games that are originally from Fatty Bear's Fun Pack.



The player plays checkers against Putt-Putt. The player always plays the blue checkers, while Putt-Putt always plays the red ones. If the player clicks a black square that's empty, Putt-Putt says, "There's no checker there," and when he or she clicks one of the red checkers, Putt-Putt says, "That's my piece!" When it is his turn to make a move, his wavy stick moves out, making buzzing sounds, and yellow lines stick out. The player can even select a checker to stand up and then make it sit down, or he or she can make it walk one square diagonally and then it sits down there. Once one of the player's pieces reaches Putt-Putt's side of the board, or vice-versa, a star-shaped wand flies over and whacks that checker on the head, leaving a crown, and then it zings off. When a kinged checker is jumped, normally, especially if the jumper is a "man" (uncrowned), instead of just flying off, it just poofs out. Whichever player's pieces are all gone or has fewer than the opponent and can't make a move with any of the pieces loses. All remaining checkers jump high to a great distance, and then the game is reset, and then, whichever one hasn't gone first that last time does. If the player has gone first in the first game, then the second game, it's Putt-Putt who goes first.


Like checkers, this game is played against Putt-Putt. The player always writes a green X on a square, while Putt-Putt always writes a purple O. It becomes a tie if neither the player nor Putt-Putt gets three in a straight line.


This is a memory match game, hosted by Putt-Putt. After all matches are made, Putt-Putt shuffles the cards.

Puzzle BlocksEdit

There is no level selection here, nor is Putt-Putt seen or heard. Originally, it was shown in Putt-Putt Joins the Parade in the toy store, but it has different pictures from the full-length game.


There is no level selection here, nor is Putt-Putt seen or heard. Originally, it was shown in Putt-Putt Joins the Parade in the toy store, but its background is pink here, while it was beige there.

Cheese KingEdit

Cheese King is a spelling game. Whenever a player gets a wrong letter, a crowned mouse takes a piece of cheese, while Putt-Putt says, "None of those." Once it's all taken, Putt-Putt does all the spelling and says, "The word is... (word here)." (eg, "The word is... cat."). He also says that when the player clicks on the picture. If a player tries a letter that's already there, he says, "That letter was already used." If a wrong letter is tried again, he says, "You already tried that letter." If a word for a certain picture has two or more letters, that letter is used that number of times in separate blanks, and Putt-Putt says, "There are... two/three, etc... of those." At the easy level, the player only has to select the first letter.

Either way, the quantity of cheese is always reset to all six pieces at the next word/picture.

For a few more games, this is the last game Putt-Putt is in charge of until "Word Hunt."


Reversi is played against Fatty Bear who plays red, while the player plays green. When the player clicks on a square that shares a side with one or more of Fatty Bear's boxes, one of his or her green pieces turns any of Fatty Bear's pieces, or vice-versa if he moves a red piece next to any of the green pieces.

Lines and BoxesEdit

When Fatty Bear already fills a box with a line, that box has a picture of his face on it, whereas if the player does, there is a picture of a stick boy on it in multi-colored outlines. Whichever player makes a box goes again. Whoever's number of boxes are the majority wins. If the player wins, the stick boys swing their arms.

Go FishEdit

Automatically, in pattern form, Fatty Bear and the player are each given seven cards. The player can choose decks of cards, whether it is just numbers, including any you wouldn't find in a normal set of cards, or just pictures of objects (even fish), or a set of cards of all four suits (with clowns as the jacks, rabbits as the queens, and bears as the kings). Whenever Fatty Bear asks the player if he or she has a card of any particular kind and he or she has it, he or she has to click on it. If he or she doesn't, an animation of a red frowny face shaking like a "no" head will appear, and he or she will have to click it to say, "Go fish." If the player clicks on a card, Fatty Bear will tell you to go fish if he doesn't have that card. If he does, even if he has three or fewer cards of that kind, they will appear to you. A set is four cards, so if a player has a set of four cards with the same picture, that set is gone and set aside. Whichever player has no cards goes fish... of course, sometimes, if one doesn't have any cards, the other may go fish.


Coloring is not an actual game, so there is no level selection here. It was featured in the Buzzy the Knowledge Bug games, though with different themes. The player uses the paintbrush to add paint to the canvas, while the eyedropper tool is used to add colors to the boxes and mix them. The sponge can remove colors from the boxes or, if applied to the canvas, absolutely every color, if the player chooses "Yes" when Fatty Bear asks him/her if he/she wants to erase the colors.


The last game hosted by Fatty Bear, in the game, the player has to add certain shapes to certain areas, even if it means rotating them on higher levels.

Word HuntEdit

At the easy level, it's just individual letters that are selected. Crashes are heard whether a wrong letter is selected or letters that don't form a word are selected, or when a letter that is selected gets deselected.

Since Cheese King, this is the first game in order that is hosted by Putt-Putt. It was also the first to be made specifically for this program.

Guess ItEdit

In Guess It!, Putt-Putt cleverly hides fruit in some kind of machine with a crank handle, and the player has to figure out what fruit he has hidden in a row of four (or five if choosing the hardest). If what is added is hidden, but it is not in the right spot, nothing is said, nor is any mark made, until you add it in the right place. If what is hidden is in the right space, Putt-Putt says, "The (fruit name) is in the right place/spot," or "The (fruit 1) and the (fruit 2), etc. are in the right place/spot," and whichever fruit name is said here is circled in green, and that space is said in the row of squares in place of the question mark boxes. If a guessed fruit is not hidden, he says, "There is no (fruit 1) (or [fruit 2]) hidden/this time." If all hidden fruits are in the right place, he doesn't speak of it, but says, "You found all the fruit! Terrific work!" If all turns are goofed off when the chart is full, he says, "Sorry. You didn't solve it."

On-Ramps and Off-RampsEdit

A variation of "Snakes and Ladders" or "Chutes and Ladders," in this game, Putt-Putt always chooses to be purple first, and the player can select to be red, orange, yellow, green, or blue.

In the easy or medium levels, the wheel sticks to the colors, for the spaces on the board are in those six colors, so if the pointer lands on a color, whoever spins the wheel has to move to the closest area of that color.

On the two harder levels, the wheel is a number wheel, and the spaces on the board are light blue and gray in a pattern, so whatever number the pointer lands on, the player spinning has to move that number of spaces.

Either way, if Putt-Putt or the player lands at the bottom of an on-ramp, he or she goes to the top of it on a square that's farther forward; however, if either one lands at the top of an off-ramp, he or she goes to the bottom of it on a square that's farther backward. Any farther than requested, and Putt-Putt says, "That's too far!"

Circus Stormin'Edit

A multi-level game in which the player controls a flying Putt-Putt. The aim is only to get the balloons for fuel, but to avoid anything else (ice cream cones, pogo-stick-bouncing puppies, etc.).

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