Below are all of the designers that worked on Putt-Putt Joins the Parade. This list was found in the game's help file.

Assistant DirectorEdit

  • Endo Tetsuya


  • Ron Gilbert
  • Takashi Otsuka

Design TeamEdit

  • Ron Gilbert
  • Laurie Bauman
  • Annie Fox
  • Shelley Day


  • Tami Borowick
  • Bret Barrett
  • D.C. Timoney

Background ArtEdit

  • Dev Madan


  • Derek MacCaughan
  • Augie Pagan
  • Dev Madan
  • Brad Carlton

Additional ArtEdit

  • Dennis Clevenger

Lead TesterEdit

  • Kristina Sontag
  • Damon Conklin
  • Dean Luce
  • Beau Folsom
  • Paul Rybicki
  • Mat Medina
  • Day Evans
  • Brett Perkerwicz
  • Michael C. Barnes
  • Brian Miller
  • David Julian
  • Tom Barber
  • Thomas Faber
  • Andrew Feucht III
  • Colin Riviere
  • Jeffrey Tomlinson

System ProgrammingEdit

  • Ron Gilbert
  • Brad P. Taylor
  • Aric Wilmunder

Windows SystemEdit

  • Brad P. Taylor

Windows ConversionEdit

  • Peter Crayne

Voice of Putt-PuttEdit

  • Jason Ellefson

Character DesignEdit

  • Sato Miyabi Masaru


  • Tom McMail

Audio DirectorEdit

  • Laurie Bauman

Audio EngineerEdit

  • Tom McGurk

Product MarketingEdit

  • Sue Klamert
  • Susan Miller


  • Shelly Day
  • Brad Carlton
  • Edward Pun
  • Augie Pagan
  • Derek McCaughan

Help FileEdit

  • David E. West

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