Below are all of the designers that worked on Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo. This list can be found at conclusion of the game and in the help file.

Interactive DesignEdit

  • Bret Barrett
  • Brad Carlton
  • Ron Gilbert

Project Leader ArtEdit

  • Brad Carlton

Project Leader ProgrammingEdit

  • Bret Barrett


  • Ron Gilbert

Paper AnimationEdit

  • Edward Pun
  • Rhonda Conley
  • Nick Mirkovich
  • Mark Peyser
  • Augie Pagan
  • Tom Zuber


  • Peter Crayne
  • Day Evans
  • Lisa Wick
  • Rhett Mathis
  • Richard Moe
  • Tami Borowick
  • Bret Barrett

Computer Art and AnimationEdit

  • Tom Verre
  • Kelle Mead
  • Jay Sopp
  • Todd Lubsen
  • Dan Ballard
  • Bart Bradshaw
  • L. Michael Fisher
  • Nick Mirkovich
  • Mark Peyser
  • Edward Pun
  • Rhonda Conley

Background ArtEdit

  • Derek McCaughan
  • Jeremy Kromberg
  • Rob Johnson

Sound Effects ProgrammingEdit

  • Lisa Wick
  • Rhett Mathis

Music Produced byEdit

  • The Fat Man
  • George Alistair Sanger

Music Composed and Performed by Team FatEdit

  • Joe McDermott
  • The Fat Man
  • David Govett
  • K. Weston Phelan

Drums by "Those Incessant Drums"Edit

  • David Sanger
  • Chris Searles
  • James Fenner
  • Brannon Temple

Didgeridoo PlayerEdit

  • Ron Crose

Additional MusicEdit

  • Rhett Mathis

Dialog Written byEdit

  • Laurie Bauman Arnold

Lead Ink and PainterEdit

  • L. Michael Fisher

Digital Ink and PaintEdit

  • Deanne K. Garner
  • Michael Jacob
  • Heather Meloche
  • Todd Olson
  • Anne Pau
  • Michael Reed
  • Jordan Rennick
  • Daniel S. Thompson
  • Leah Verre
  • Susan Waddle

System ProgrammingEdit

  • Brad P. Taylor
  • Jason King
  • Ron Gilbert

Windows Game SystemEdit

  • Brad P. Taylor
  • Jason King

Production AssistantEdit

  • Denise Heimel

Dialog EditingEdit

  • Michael Barnes

Audio EngineerEdit

  • Tom McGurk

Lead TesterEdit

  • Brian Miller


  • Stuart Allman
  • Kelly Brown
  • Chris Bui
  • Jason Estes
  • Mike Gilbrough
  • Tom Goedde
  • David Julian
  • August Miller
  • Peter M. Rilling
  • Cassandra Skahen

Putt-Putt created byEdit

  • Shelley Day



  • Jason Ellefson

Baby JamboEdit

  • Brandon Ross Muller


  • Katie Young


  • Amy Christine Maier


  • Heather Refvem


  • Patrick Kilbane


  • Alexander Johnston

Additional Voice TalentEdit

  • Jim Bach
  • Andrew Boyer
  • Scott Burns
  • Carly Casey
  • Jim Cissell
  • Keri Healy
  • Johnny Koenig
  • Cathey Ryan

Rhymin' MonkeysEdit

  • John Houck
  • The Fat Man
  • K. Weston Phelan

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