Putt-Putt and Pep's Dog on a Stick has vaRious different types of enemies

Happy BearEdit

Happy Bear

The Happy Bear is the first enemy encountered in the game, and also the most common. It has no set pattern and hops around freely. He bounces on one spot once and then goes to the next. He moves very slowly, and if he encounters Pep, he hugs him. He also dresses according to the scenery.



The Tiger shows up in the desert. Its behavior is identical the Happy Bear, the only exception is that it is slightly faster. If he collides with Pep, he starts to lick his face and won't stop.

Beach BallEdit

Beach Ball

The Beach Ball starts at the very top of the level, and works its way down until it falls off. After it falls, it respawns. They are not affected by oil or goo. If Pep collides with it, he lands on top, anxiously trying to keep his balance.


Penguin (Dog on a Stick)

The Penguin is similar to the Happy Bear, only it moves somewhat slower. If he comes in contact with Pep, he grabs him and won't stop dancing.

Monster GooEdit

Monster Goo

The Monster Goo moves somewhat quickly. It is not affected by oil or goo. It'll jump Pep and cover him in goo if he gets too close.

Stinky SkunkEdit

Stinky Skunk

The Stinky Skunk is faster than the above mentioned enemies. It leaves behind stink clouds that will stun Pep until they go away. He'll stink up Pep and make him sick if he grabs Pep.

Jet PigEdit

Jet Pig

The Jet Pig is unique from the rest as it can cross any empty spaces. It is also moderately fast. He will suffocate Pep if he comes near him.



The Goat is moderately fast and unaffected by goo or oil. It also can teleport. If he rams into Pep, both bonk their heads and lie on the ground, dizzy.

Frog on a StickEdit

Frog on a Stick The Frog on a Stick is able to hop two spaces at once. If one collides with Pep, it will eat Pep's pogo stick.



The Hedgehog is the fastest of all the enemies, being the only one able to outrun Pep. If one should hit Pep, he will get lost in the hedgehog's fur.

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